Monday, 27 July 2015

Welcome back to a new term of learning!

This term Room 7 have welcomed a new student all the way from South Wellington Intermediate. Damian has shown good reading skills already and is looking forward to all of the class trips that we have this term.

Just a reminder that we have a classroom meeting in week 4, on Monday at 6pm.

Thanks from Nick and Damian.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Air New Zealand Visit

Today 45 Avalon Intermediate students had a special visit from Captain David Morgan, who is the Chief Flight Operation and Safety Officer for Air New Zealand. The students asked David some excellent deep thinking questions around his job, and the steps he has taken to get where he is today.

David was pleased to present the grand prize to Avalon Intermediate for winning the Air New Zealand Safety Video Competition.

"We are about to fly in the blue sky" - will hopefully be a reality for the students involved in the competition, later this year.

Excellent work students and teachers for creating insightful ideas and working hard to transform those into an amazing video.

Watch the video Below!

Mr Jackett, Mrs Te Whetu, Miss Campbell and Mr Schaller.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Round the Bays film

Tessa has finished making her 'short film', which recounted the events of the Round the Bays run. Excellent work Tessa and a special thanks goes out to the ICT crew that helped out on the day.
We are looking forward to watching your next film!

Inter School Athletics

Well done to Lori, Tayne, Leti, and Jovie for participating in Newtown. It was a great day and there were some excellent results.

Jovie managed to win the vortex with a throw of 65.46m!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Koraunui Visit

On Saturday eight Room 7 students and one Room 5 student helped out in the Koraunui garden. It was great to see our students giving back to their community and show teamwork on the day. Thanks also to Jenni Ralph for organising the day, and the other parents who helped out.

 Dear Jenni,

Thank you for organising 3 hours worth of our volunteering work. You have helped us gain a better understanding of gardening and the things around gardening. We had heaps of fun and would love to do some more in the future. Two green thumbs up!

Soon enough, our school gardening club will be full of room seven students. With our experience in turning dirt, sawing wood, and moving heavy items, we will rock the school garden! We all feel great about helping others and not getting anything in return. Well, besides an apple, a cookie, some grapes and three lollies.

Normally us kids would be sleeping in, and playing on our electronics, but we had much more fun on saturday when we were working hard for the community. Not only, did you give us our tasks on saturday, but you organized the entire thing. We brought the garden to life. So, thank you.

Much obliged, Maia and Tessa

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Round the Bays write up.

Sport Wellington create Active Download E-Newsletters that they send around the Wellington region. Knowing that Avalon Intermediate are getting involved in the community this year through sport, they asked for a copy of Tessa's recount of the event.
Thanks Tessa for sharing your writing.

Click here to check out Tessa's awesome writing!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Hurricanes! Hurricanes!

Kia ora everyone.

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from James Marshall. James is currently playing for the Wellington Hurricanes rugby team. I have known him since college, and played a few games of club rugby with him over the years. I really enjoyed listening to the room 7 students asking James questions about his rugby career. Hopefully, one day there will be an ex room 7 student playing for the Hurricanes or involved in professional sport!

Thanks again for your visit today James, and good luck for the rest of the season. Room 7 are looking forward to seeing you next, racing you in the math basic facts 100 speed test, and on the field.

Mr Jackett.

To find out more about James and the Hurricanes click here.